Each match day, we need volunteers to wave the flags in the South Stand. There are 24 flags so we need lots of help!

To help, you will need to:

  1. Sit in blocks 248-260 - message us on Twitter
  2. Collect your flag from the allocated spot in the South Stand before kick off and make sure you keep the flag at your seat with you.
  3. You will find the flags at the bottom of Block 248 in the corner between the South and East stand (if in blocks 248-252), or Block 260 (for those in 253-260). They'll be in the bin below but should be fairly obvious to see if you're looking in the right area.
  4. Wave the flag 10 minutes before kick off until the game starts
  5. As the game kicks off, return the flag to the allocated spot, which is the at the bottom of 248 (if you sit in blocks 248-252) or bottom of 260 (253-260). You will be staying within the stadium bowl at all times so you won't miss any of the game!
  6. To return your flag, you will need to go from your seat to the middle section of the stand (where the wheelchair access is) and you can easily walk across from your block to 248 or 260 (based on the above).
  7. Then you will be able to walk down the stairs in each block that are right next to the East or West stand, go straight down to the bottom, and a green bin will be waiting to drop your flag in.
  8. It sounds more complicated then it is - and you can follow the other volunteers as they'll be easy to spot!


The flags are sized 7ft by 6ft, 8ft by 7ft, 10ft by 5ft and 10ft by 10ft - so they are BIG. The best way to wave them is:

  1. For those in safe standing areas, rest your elbows on the rails in front of you or otherwise aim to hold the bottom of the pole in line with your shoulders
  2. Wave them in wide motions! It might be quite strange and not feel very normal, but there is so much material to show!
  3. Practice! Ground won't be busy when you collect the flag so take advantage to find your technique.

If you are in these key blocks and are keen then please get in touch, otherwise please send in photos no matter where in the ground you are sitting! Questions? Reach out!